Hey, Simone here. I live in Chicago and I am, technically, a Roman—born and raised in Rome, Italy.

I earned a living as:

  • ✅ Pre-algorithmic YouTuber.
  • ✅ Comedy Central Italy’s Senior Correspondent.
  • ✅ Public radio host and producer.
  • ✅ Media instructor at Columbia College and iO Chicago.
  • ☑️ Creative Marketing Manager at a large US company.
  • ➕ Plus random things, like Japanese anime voice actor in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam, Code Geass, and more.

Thanks to extensive experience over a wide range of roles, I optimize media to be efficient and to look great. I lead creative teams to improve content based on concrete KPIs, and I'm at ease with fast paced creative work for brand and DR marketing.

See what I am doing now and check a brief timeline of my life.

CCNComedy Central News on Comedy Central Italia (I'm on the right.)

I self-produce my work through writing, design, coding, recording, acting, and editing. In my early 20s, I studied to become an industrial designer and linguist. I also spent years doing improvisational theater. I live at that notorious intersection of tech and humanities.

In fact, I care about empathy, tech, and community. And I think a lot about how those affect our lives and relationships. I dedicate myself to learning how to make what I need.

"Metaphorically speaking, a person's ideas must be the building he lives in—otherwise there is something terribly wrong."
‌‌— Søren Kierkegaard


1986: Born in Rome, Italy.‌‌

1997: First PC: Pentium MMX 266 MHz. Learning Visual Basic.‌‌

1998: Convinced my parents to buy a U.S. Robotics 56K V90 modem (they weren't sure what it was for).‌‌

1999: Started learning HTML, CSS, and English (not enough resources in Italian).

‌‌2001: Started learning Macromedia Fireworks & Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Discreet 3dsmax.‌‌2002: First coming out.

‌‌2004: First Mac. Founded print and web design company ‘Ensemble S.c.r.l.’‌‌

2005: Started college: Industrial Design and Architecture.‌‌

2007: Veered towards humanities with a major in Contemporary Literature.‌‌

2008: Voice actor for Japanese anime in Italian (i.e. Neon Genesis, Code Geass, Gundam).‌‌

2009: First 1M+ views on YT & national news websites. Dropped out of college, hired full time as videographer and satire writer by a national newspaper.

‌‌2010: Started working in public radio as performer and content strategist.

‌‌2011: Bombed on stage real bad. Decided to travel to the US alone to visit The Second City.‌‌

2012: Digital Art Director for newspaper ‘Pubblico’. Overviewed UX and UI of mobile and web apps, plus TV ads development.‌‌

2013: Senior Correspondent on Comedy Central Italy. Founded Improv Italia.‌‌

2015: Moved to Chicago. Back to college in the US.

2016: Started hosting a daily show on public radio in Italy, from Chicago.‌‌

2017: Graduated college. Hosted first TV show for Discovery Networks in Italy, from Chicago.

‌‌2018: Started a 🎙 Podcast and 💌 Newsletter while working as instructor at Columbia College and the iO Theater.‌‌

2019: Creative Marketing Manager, creating and producing high performing DR+brand TV/YouTube/OTT ads.‌‌

2020: Unprecedented times intermission.


I live in Chicago with another human and our dog. I manage the creation of broadcast and digital content geared towards growth—while also focusing on my 💌 Newsletter and 🎙 Podcast.

So far, I produced over 40 hours of audio conversations with exceptional guests from Pixar, Google, The Second City, and more.

Every day, I practice learning a third language, Japanese. Current status: I suck, but I can read, write, and understand some. As my husband says: “You could get lost and be okay without English for a day or two.”

I love to get lost—for a little bit.


Like you, I am tired of articles and social media that suck our attention while leaving us with nothing valuable.

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