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Hi, Simone here.

I live in Chicago but, technically, I'm a Roman—born and raised in Rome, Italy.

I earned a living as:

  • ✅ Early YouTuber.
  • ✅ Comedy Central Italy‘s senior correspondent.
  • ✅ Host and producer for TV and public radio, like on Discovery.
  • ✅ Voice actor in Japanese anime, like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam, and Code Geass.
  • ✅ Media production instructor at Columbia College Chicago.
  • ✅ Podcast creation instructor at the iO Chicago.
  • ✅ Pizza delivery guy, with a moped.
  • ☑️ Creative Marketing Manager at a large US company.

Gathering a few million online views with political satire videos as an early YouTuber unlocked the doors of Comedy Central, Discovery Networks, public radio, and similar gigs.

I get a lot done both solo and with big production teams, from TV to marketing—while never deprioritizing my personal life and relationships.

Striking a balance is hard, but after 1.5 decades, 2 continents, multiple professions, languages, and recovering from precarious health conditions, it’s part of the game.

You can see what I am doing now or check a brief timeline of my life.

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I care about tech, humanities, self-awareness, empathy, and community. I think a lot about how the intersection of those affects life and relationships. I like improvisational theater and radical, constructive honesty.

I always self-produce my work through writing, design, coding, recording, and editing. I like to learn how to make what I need.

I covered enough roles to make any creative project I manage very efficient and fast. Understanding the different parts of the process allows me to directly relate with anyone working on it—and to help them communicate with each other. I'm particularly at ease with fast paced creative projects, from brand to DR marketing.

Before diving into the performance arts and marketing, I studied to become an industrial designer.

"Metaphorically speaking, a person's ideas must be the building he lives in—otherwise there is something terribly wrong."
— Søren Kierkegaard


1986: Born in Rome, Italy.
1997: First PC: Pentium MMX 266 MHz. Learning Visual Basic.
1998: Convinced my parents to buy a U.S. Robotics 56K V90 modem (they weren't sure what it was for).
1999: Started learning HTML, CSS, and English (not enough resources in Italian).
2001: Started learning Macromedia Fireworks & Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Discreet 3dsmax.
2002: First coming out.
2004: First Mac. Founded print and web design company ‘Ensemble S.c.r.l.’
2005: Started college: Industrial Design and Architecture.
2007: Veered towards humanities with a major in Contemporary Literature.
2008: Voice actor for Japanese anime in Italian (i.e. Neon Genesis, Code Geass, Gundam).
2009: First 1M+ views on YT & national news websites. Dropped out of college, hired full time as videographer and satire writer by a national newspaper.
2010: Started working in public radio as performer and content strategist.
2011: Bombed on stage real bad. Decided to travel to the US alone to visit The Second City.
2012: Digital Art Director for newspaper ‘Pubblico’. Overviewed UX and UI of mobile and web apps, plus TV ads development.
2013: Senior Correspondent on Comedy Central Italy. Founded Improv Italia.
2015: Moved to Chicago. Back to college in the US.
2016: Started hosting a daily show on public radio in Italy, from Chicago.
2017: Graduated college. Hosted first TV show for Discovery Networks in Italy, from Chicago.
2018: Started a 🎙 Podcast and 💌 Newsletter while working as instructor at Columbia College and the iO Theater.
2019: Creative Marketing Manager at GoHealth, creating and producing high performing DR+brand TV/YouTube/OTT ads.
2020: Unprecedented times intermission.


I live in Chicago with another human and a dog (both cool dudes). I manage the creation of broadcast/digital content geared towards high-growth and brand while also focusing on personal projects like my 💌 Newsletter and 🎙 Podcast. So far, I produced over 40 hours of audio conversations with exceptional guests from Pixar, Google, The Second City, and more.

I know I’ll never become fluent in Japanese, but I practice a little bit, every day. Current status: I can read some, though I have no clue of what anything means—which is okay as a third language.


Whatever language you may speak, you can 💬 Contact me.


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