Change Your Life in Seconds

A collection of striking, thought-provoking reflections in ePub, mobi, and PDF to download for Kindle, Kobo, computer, or phone.

A dithered image of an eBook displaying the cover of Simone’s book Change Your Life in Seconds.

What You Will Get

An ebook in ePub + mobi + PDF formats for your e-reader (Kindle, Apple, Kobo, etc.)

How Much Does It Cost?

I keep most of my work, like the 💌  Newsletter and 🎧 Podcast, 100% free because I hope as many people as possible will benefit from it.

So as you get my book today, I ask you to set the price based on the value you get from my work. We are partners in this journey.

What would you pay for a book full of striking ideas that can change the way you look at life, handle anxiety, and help you unveil your life's purpose?

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