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The Power of Using Your Fear as a Motivator (62 sec read)

Change Your Life in Seconds: Vol. 2, No. 18

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9 Thought-Provoking Reflections

62 seconds to read, week-long meditations.

9. It’s not just what you do, but what you don’t do, that determines your fate. tweet now
8. Training a dog effectively teaches you the basics of how to build good habits and remove destructive behavior. First, identify the action or behavior, and immediately reinforce positive or negative feedback. Then, repeat a million times. tweet now
7. Quick reminder to breathe with your tummy more than your chest. tweet now

6. Resistance to change is fear of feeling discomfort, which ultimately means fear of growth and abandoning the old ideas you are attached to. tweet now
5. Change can either be embraced or suffered, but not avoided. tweet now
4. It’s not failure what stops you, just the fear of it. tweet now
3. Self-improvement is not a goal but a habit. tweet now
2. Start doing what you’re supposed to be doing. tweet now
1. Trust is disagreeing with someone without any fear of damaging the relationship. tweet now

Deeper Dive: The Power of Using Your Fear as a Motivator

A few more seconds, deeper reflections.

While change is necessary for growth, fear is your biggest obstacle to embracing it. Fear of failure, discomfort, and the unknown can all paralyze you and keep you from reaching your potential. Don't see fear as paralyzing, but as a motivator.

But if you can push through that fear, you can achieve great things. Trusting others and yourself (sometimes even with leap of faith) is also key—it allows you to have difficult conversations and disagreements that ignite self-reflection, change, then growth. To grow faster, learn to be vulnerable, authentic, and open.

This process should be habit to cultivate real change through iteration. Small steps lead to big changes by slowly building momentum. No matter how little your effort, start today by doing what you know you should be doing.

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