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Change Your Life in Seconds: Vol. 2, No. 2

Hey, I’m Sim, and this is my Change Your Life in Seconds newsletter. Every week, positive reflections that take seconds to read but will help you change perspective on life.

10 Thought-Provoking Reflections

10. The most difficult changes to make in life are not gradual, but instant. Their effects and consequences are gradual, visible over time. tweet now
9. You don’t have much except knowing you are doing your best to improve a little bit every day, working to become a little bit kinder every day. tweet now
8. Don’t ignore what you fear, make it irrelevant. tweet now

7. Do what you’d regret not having done. tweet now
6. We got to the point where reading for 5 minutes without stopping is a superpower. tweet now
5. Value is about how much complexity you can remove more than how much growth you can add. We should award higher wages in proportion to that. tweet now
4. Environmentalism starts with consuming less, not recycling more. tweet now
3. A decision that will make a radical difference in your life is to relink fun with making instead of consuming. tweet now
2. Most people fear failure more than they want success. tweet now
1. You are consumed by work, so you become a consumer—passive, not able to use your free time to actively make anything that gives you purpose. tweet now

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