Simone Salis

Improving Screen Time

How much time should you spend in front of your phone's screen to not be considered an addict?

Less than 4 hours per day? One? Zero?

The truth is, your screen time doesn't matter.

More than quantity, it's about quality: Is your phone setup to burn you out by demanding attention and sucking you into infinite timelines?

Then a healthy screen time should be 0 seconds. Nothing. That's why the main metric tracked by default screen time apps and such is deceptive. Ten minutes of shooting crack cocaine intravenously are still ten minutes of shooting crack cocaine intravenously.

AA meetings don't give out badges to members who drink for less than 2 hours per day.

Or to those who stop drinking 2 hours before bed.

The quality of the interaction with your tools can only be improved through deliberate choices.

Is your phone helping you to:

  • Check in on your partner?
  • Get directions?
  • Edit photos professionally?

Then time doesn't matter as much.

There are better parameters to evaluate quality, not quantity, of the time spent staring at screens.

Does this app get out of my way after fulfilling a specific purpose?

Did I summon it, or did it summon me via notifications?

Go on, spend 4 hours on it.

But anything that doesn't honor that is not respecting you, and tracking screen time won't matter.

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