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Special – 2022 Letter

Change Your Life in Seconds: Vol 2, No. 1 (Special)
This essay is an extract from my book.

I’ve by now lived extensively in 2 continents while testing different career and life paths multiple times, in different languages. No one in my family ever did anything like this before, and I often wonder what is the right way to do anything.

I learned that you don’t need any authorization or certification to become great at something on your own.

You might feel like a fraud when you first start, but you are not a fraud any more than everyone else is. Learners realize it and quickly move on to do good work and to genuinely improve.

In front of a big project or change, most people get stuck in two ways:

  • Procrastination (not knowing how to start.)
  • Perfectionism (not knowing how to stop.)

Both are manifestations of fear. Don’t let those stop you.

Make it. You can always make it better later.

And you can’t worry about everything at first. Start by getting one thing right, then the next one, and the next one, and so on. Focus on iteration over completion, practice over goals. Obsess over process, not tools—or expected outcomes. See goals as a shape-shifting excuse to learn from the process.

Love mistakes, because mistakes are good data. If you do something and you’re always right, then you’re wrong.

Isn’t pretending to know more embarrassing than not knowing? When you learn to recognize your faults, you give improvement a chance—because the price of getting better is admitting you were wrong.

Like a kid, ask yourself ”Why?” about a million times, surround yourself with people that are happy to be wrong because they look forward to improving.

Seek their feedback, not their approval.

You might be afraid of what others think, but remember…

You are the audience.

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