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The Art of Saying No (34 sec read)

Change Your Life in Seconds: Vol. 2, No. 19

Hey, I’m Sim, and this is my Change Your Life in Seconds newsletter. Every week, striking reflections to discover your life purpose, break negative cycles, and reduce anxiety.

7 Thought-Provoking Reflections

34 seconds to read, week-long meditations.

7. Most ideas are in front of you all along, but you are not ready to see them yet. tweet now
6. Fight for your time. tweet now
5. Voluntary constraints lead to freedom. tweet now

4. Simplicity has become a complex construct. tweet now
3. Use your brain to protect your nerves and senses from excessive information assaults—not absorbing it all. tweet now
2. It’s not about adding or removing, but how you balance those. tweet now
1. The hardest part of any job is not doing it, but doing it better. tweet now

Deep Dive: The Art of Saying No

A few more seconds, deeper reflections.

When you read these reflections, I want you to remember that not everything has to be implemented at once, and also that not everything might be right for you. Like with anything else out there, I encourage you to be selective and take one step at a time.

It's easy to become overwhelmed by information and bogged down in details. That's why you should fight, with others and with yourself, on how you use your time. Could voluntarily limiting what you do your choices lead to more freedom?

Simplifying your life certainly makes it easier to focus on what's truly important. And, just because something is available, it doesn't mean you have to consume it.

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