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The Beauty of Uselessness (8 Ideas, 59 sec)

Change Your Life in Seconds: Vol. 2, No. 24

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8 Thought-Provoking Reflections

59 seconds to read, week-long meditations.

8. If it is something you love, you will not need any other motivation. tweet now
7. I'm still surprised at how quickly I obtain something if I stop looking for it. tweet now
6. What you do in your free time reveals who you want to become. tweet now

5. When you start to measure something, you begin to desire its infinite improvement. tweet now
4. When your needs and desires are not in line with each other, you will end up getting what you did not want. tweet now
3. Defects are the measure of perfection. tweet now
2. Go ahead, be bad at something. tweet now
1. What would your life look like if you didn't have to do anything? Would you travel more? Would you spend more time with your family? What passions would you get lost into? How much would you just rest or sleep? tweet now

“Woman Using a Toothpick,” 2-colors dithering, Utagawa Toyokuni (c. 1820)

Deep Dive

A few more seconds, deeper reflections.

You have been told to follow your passions, but that often implies that those passions should be productive—or aimed at something. I disagree.

There's value in pursuing things even if they seem useless. Maybe, in a culture that values productivity over contemplation, that's true especially when they seem useless.

Because by learning to do something for its own sake, you learn to let go of expectations and to expand your innate genius. You understand that you don't always need to shape everything you do, or learn, for an external audience. Remember that you're the ultimate audience of your life, the one who will benefit from any creative endeavor you undertake.

Don't be too concerned with what other people think. Focus on creating joy. Fight for the time and space to pursue something you love. Especially when it seems useless.

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