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โ€œI want to feel like having inspiring people sitting in the car with me while I'm on the road. These interviews do just that.โ€
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I got tired of spammy links on social media and attention-sucking articles that don't leave me with anything valuable. So I made a sporadic newsletter that just shares the most interesting links collected and distilled by me.

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Me in 30 Seconds

I'm a bilingual gay immigrant who created original shows for Comedy Central, Discovery Networks, and the public radio.

I am a performer, writer, graphic designer, video editor, and marketing manager. I get my hands dirty because I prefer learning over passive consumption. That's why I merge creativity, production, and marketing skills in a unique way.

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Sharing my creative work feels natural since it's the main way I supported myself since 2005. I love no BS conversations, self-improvement, critical thinking, exercising, outdoor activities, and observing the paradoxical nature of reality.

I publish a ๐ŸŽ™ Podcast and a ๐Ÿ’Œ Newsletter that cut through the online noise to focus on valuable ideas. My goal is to support my (and your) inquisitive spirit, gradually becoming better human beings together. Check them out.

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