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Think of it as a book that doesn't become outdatedβ€”with new audio, video, and writing added when it’s worth your time.

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Me in 30 Seconds

I'm a bilingual gay immigrant based in the US. I contributed to original shows for Comedy Central, Discovery Networks, and the public radio.

I get my hands dirty by covering a wide range of roles: performer, writer, graphic designer, editor, producer, and even marketing manager.

I pursue self-improvement, critical thinking, exercising, outdoor activities, and tinkering with tools. I like to make what I need.

I am here to support inquisitive spirits in our shared quest to become better humans. That's why I publish a πŸŽ™ Podcast and πŸ’Œ Newsletter that cut through the noise to focus on valuable people and ideas.

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Disgusted by spammy links on social media? Tired of attention-sucking articles?

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So I made a sporadic newsletter to sort through the noise of online media. Β Since I respect your time, I will not email you often.

When I do, you will get:

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β€œThere hasn't been one issue where I haven't enjoyed it or learned something new.”
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Profound conversations to understand life better. Over 40 hours are available now with creators from Pixar, Google, SNL, and more.

No ads, ever. I dislike interruptions, filler music, and anything that ruins a conversation to trick you into buying a mattresses.

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β€œI want to feel like having inspiring people sitting in the car with me. These interviews do just that.”
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… (5/5) β€” Forthriver

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